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Can you name what you seek in this article? The calm of the evening can be as silent as winter snow flakes; the breath of change can be a dormant volcano erupting in your back yard. Life doesn't have to trip you up if you are searching for the patience to endure the night; this article surfaced to bring you a moment of evidence and a sure witness of something about to take place. Three areas are considered when releasing yourself into a new future: naming what is most important, understanding critical areas of that call to action, and overcoming the walls of indifference that defines circumstance. Let's talk about what's in your circle of influence; it may be an answer you know, or an idea you seek.

In every circle of people, in every town, along the country roads and in the private areas of life the considerations all have similarity but different results; we all crave to be loved, and we can be haunted by past results that don't allow us to grow if we are not sure to look at what is most important. When we examine the constitution and the framers of words like love we see we have rights and permission with the intent to solve the questions as to what will lead to this answer and idea of love.

This brings up a question; what is better, the hours spent pursuing this valuable treasure or the leadership of the course founded in the compass of wisdom? A map would lead one to this special prize in the field quicker than hours analyzing the landscape with no clue. In other words you could scope the land, but a map of someones experience is a lantern never to run to dry. So what is critical to this founding principle of family, business, and personal life? Leading by the compass and a well rounded set of experienced landmarks would set the stage. Let's start with the critical factors.

Family life survives when there are dreams; business follows, and personal life has no limit to freedom when the critical aspects are met. Two tenths of every formula, law or process of events all have a 20% value that interprets all the critical areas. The other 80% will follow exactly. In other words, spending two tenth of a day focused on loving your family, relating with your fellow neighbors, coworkers, and lending yourself some quality kindness to yourself would eventually lead to the fulfillment of nearly every other requirement of your life.

In fact one has to have a soundness of example in family to even exist in a powerful place in the marketplace, let alone hold a sufficient position in the community or even in your personal sphere of leading your thoughts. The most grounded example is to at least have an authority that speaks into your life; someone who holds a dear position of mentoring you. 20% of seeking this person and their wisdom will eliminate spending 80% of your time seeking to find what you are looking for. So instead of looking at the clock at work, you're looking at your mentors words and applying them with sufficiency and eliminating the headaches of serving your positions in life as a servant rather than a leader who serves. This brings us to a interesting thought about taking care of the root area of acceptance before considering the fruit of anything that could ail you. Let's dive deeper.

Ailments are on the rise. Prescription medication is serving as a management of symptoms instead of a way to heal the heart. Every sickness presented to the human body must first be permissible to the person; in other words, one must agree to be sick in order to lay down the fervent fight of our robust immune system, let alone all of the associated safe guards in society and circles of faith. Literally you have to agree to be a victim of illness or it's cause. You cannot associate with health and healing and be a victim of past circumstance. In other words you must let go of the cane to walk with a limp. You must let go of the limp and walk taller than before. How is this done you may ask?

Finding acceptance in yourself and at least one other person takes you on a journey you must choose if you want freedom from your confessions of being an alcoholic, addicted to pain killers, or associated with any mental, physical or emotional disease. You must say no to pain, and accept the grace of a greater person to see you through. This indeed is where mentoring affords the grace to see where they learned and find the appreciation for their story. No one mentor holds all the keys and some are privileged with more than others; but the greatest way to accept freedom is to see the patience someone has for you today to extend the tools for your relief.

Navigating from the highest star is where many have found paths from lands beyond the borders of today. Many see past the stars and know the greater mysteries of life and navigate on a critical alliance of worth and value for the mission associated with their mentor of choice. Some find the healing one needs to escape the collapse of social favor, morality and even spiritual depravity. One thing is true, your mentor exists. If you care to know more about my mentor, I would like to share a brief introduction to how God chose a foolish man as myself and decided to reach the average individual with a class room of recovery and a sample to listen to before you begin. Want more?

I could help you if I could; but the pain of this world and the sincere need of every individual leads me to extremes in making this offer available for free. Please enjoy this website and book mark it's available presence as a link to a ghost of opportunity that avails you to the throne room of God. This link assures access to a complete library that hints, suggests, and even outright decrees your breakthrough. Honor His presence today. The ghost of opportunity is with you in these words; I am merely the host. Ghost

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