There are 3 Witnesses on the Earth

And there are three that bear witness in earth, the Spirit, and the water, and the blood: and these three agree in one.
1 John 5:8

There are 3 witness that testify to the mystery of of the Holy Life: The Fire to Create, The Water to Conceal, And the Blood of Unity that Multiplies Life.

While the trials of humanity go viral; beneath the surface of the public eye is a witness and a judge with a true verdict for every person. The placards of protest invent war while doves fly to honorary perches. Coats of many colors seek the path of least resistance while carrying the testimony that we all fall alike. Who can harness the gentleness hidden on the perch of nearby trees and the wisdom of kingdoms and treasures unseen as of yet hiding under rocks?

The fire of passion glows hot when the wind of eternal merit inspires us beyond the loud inventions of man. The waters of wombs conceal leaders in lowly places. The highest of prices to pay for restoration is the one blood both fire and water fill in every man; yet many don't see this as the highest currency for unity.

Who will witness the rise of man both in the Spirit of Divine Influence, The Treasures of Mind, and the Acts of the Body in subjection to it's Origin and Destiny with an infallible witness? There are three witnesses on the earth that abide in one; The Spirit, the Water and the Blood and these three agree in one man. Jesus says to those who seek, “Who do you Say that IAM.”

Choose a Witness!

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