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We come from an authenticity that never dies.

Choosing love is not a hard choice when the intoxication is found in someone who adores you. So just who is this new prince of an empire that strikes back in majestic and sovereign love? Many want to know the force, but few want the testimony that builds the empire, the power of wisdom that excels strength, and the intoxication of a life made easy.

While Holly Wood still looks for good stories, some have traded a good testimony for something that is not love. While the screen is meant for romance, a chosen few have a testimony that actually bears out in dollars and cents. What is an accurate perspective? First you must find yourself in the grip of a test that brings out the success you already are.

The wisdom that excels strength is the majesty of the indwelling nature of someone who holds the keys that excels the outer man. While mockery and blind doubt stare you in the face; a smooth stone with wisdom actually dismantles the powers against you, and is the key to your new story. The moment you pass the test is the moment the inner glory releases to you the true high of life.

Intoxication does not have to bear consequences when you have a dream, that you choose, that is a greater high than this world gives. I am talking about something everlasting and perfect. The origin and destiny found in one fire proof man that is equally compelling to all who meet him. Want to see proof of someone who holds promise to his words?

To build the right empire; you must hear the witness of proof that goes beyond an adulterous trade many make for fortune. This new empire of thought uses the keys of success that bear the results of true intoxication, beating within a person, held within your heart. This man is not of flesh and blood; do you know him? For some say God is Love.

Choose Love!

Patience is the Love of Wisdom — Keys to Hearing Wisdom is the Dominion you Have — Keys to Vision The Dominion you Have is your Point of Delegation — Keys to Influence