Addicted to Jesus

What burns away the lost years serving addiction? What breaks the chains of angry religion? What turns away the enemy of your soul? A life of purpose is what a negative world needs but what no negativity can resist. Negativity flees in the sight of purpose. Order and chaos cannot contain the same grounds. Purpose brings value and intrigue to life and it's meaning.

Today's lesson takes any con to the Gospel and ignites a pattern of reverberating words found in the pages of the bible that echoes heaven until heaven is all you experience. The latest and greatest high is not something found on the shelf in the supermarket or some midnight party; it's found hidden in you where all the treasure of heaven has always been before the temptations tried to hide the treasure.

Jesus is not far from the average person or even the con man trying to act innocent. Your true innocence does not need to be an act but a pleasure of knowing who you really are in light of one final commission. The commission of Jesus sent to the earth as the Word that became flesh and was crucified in the place of all of humanity. So whether you are straight laced or sporting the latest moe hawk and spiked collared jacket; there is a place for you in the realm of infinite enjoyment. In the presence of God today and His risen Son Jesus the Christ.

Let's tune into today's message!

Gigitize the Gospel