Gospel Commission

Forward Thinking

Thanks for the moment to share according to what Our Good Lord has accommodated us with. With special thanks to a long season of suffering, I am grateful to announce that the suffering has paid off. With sacrificial giving early in my adult life, I was commissioned by our Heavenly Father into the world of online missions, debt free for this season, with a down town studio paid for by the harvest!

Reaching deep into the social web, I was fortunate to herald the teachings of Jesus to people in Russia, China and even Iran. Both the combination of a seeker serving website, and You Tube video listings, I was able to field thousands of interested parties to my website where they would see featured artwork I was privileged to either create myself, or host of other people's art, along with compelling messages of faith that leads to godliness. You may have heard even of local outreach here with Northern Colorado Love Impact; where similar methods of online outreach has moved handfuls of seekers to find securing faith in Christ in the region of NOCO.

Mobilize IT

The purpose for my mission is not to ask for money for outreach but to generate money for outreach using our media tools. If you, or a business you know, needs the media tools that have won favor for my outreach, to be used for your function; simply sign up for a free consultation. We can create the total experience for you: from T-Shirt give aways, live online workshops and seminars where you get paid, as well as conventional and even cutting edge marketing for business.

Goooo! Jesus

Jesus was all about business. He was always busy with dreams of his Father. For more free info, take a look at our current online line up of special messages, gifts, and online encouragement as well as the media tools to thrive in this mobile generation! 100% of all generated proceeds goes to both online and offline missions for your church or other functions. All we an say is Goooooo Jesus!