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Have you ever wanted to know how to make the rocks cry out for God while the laborers are few? Today I give you an encrypted rock that cries out the mystery of millenniums from a ghost drive. This fully documented application moves you from merely understanding the natural limits of man as earthen vessels, and unlocks the treasure inside you with a key of wisdom. Count the cost to move from stardust to stardom, as you blaze a trail through out history as the noon day sun of righteousness, while starting as a reflective moon in the midnight hours.

A fool has nothing in his hand for the journey of life; but this moves you from fool to encrypting silicone hard drives with the eternal inheritance that's unlocked in you. Blazing a circuit throughout this season, the mystery man of Jesus Christ is unveiled to you in four short films and coming workshops to deepen your faith.

Being reflective of over two harvest cycles of transformation; you reap 14 years of underground development of a highly sophisticated network now streaming to you via satellite. Get ready to hear how you are at a pivotal time in the history of this nation and why the commanding authority of the age is visiting people with the voice of deliverance and equipping you to carry the exodus of the future.

Embark now on the discovery of the ghost. The spirit and appearance of Christ in these four part encounter visitations from heavenly places. You will never be the same. There is no money back guarantee because this is a free online application that runs on your desktop, laptop, or tablet and even for those who can manage to tap in on a smart phone. Moonlight to a blazing noon day ministry today both online and offline!

For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.
2 Timothy 1:7

Patience is the Love of Wisdom — Keys to Hearing Wisdom is the Dominion you Have — Keys to Vision The Dominion you Have is your Point of Delegation — Keys to Influence
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Early in the morning I had an encounter in a dream that showed me the future of the economy and the direction of the media of the future. Today's valley of decision about how to lead the future is being met with vision for the next five years.

Mobilize IT

Your financial future can be one of independence when you learn the power of a $5 bill. When you understand that interest determines your rate of return and you look beyond basic banking and stocks unto real investments. Learn More!

Mobilize IT

When in a season of rest; how can you discern the real aim for your future hobbies, missions, and business? What could counter the vast amount of concerns and daily media bombardment? How about learning about a Target. More!