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The patience of the exchange is a multiplication by a reality of sacrifice that bears the gift of a new man.
The Passion of Tav


Today whether you are of a younger generation or a supportive older generation, you can understand the true wealth of healthy meditation and adoration of God in a way that promotes greater faith. When we understand how willing God is to give us faith, we realize we enter into a magnitude of impact that will shape the older and young generation with the words we give.

This impact has to come from understanding the cost of such tools and gifts available to us through ministries like multiply the fire. Though we are a not for profit volunteer organization and give our gifts freely, they are not without creating a healthy responsibility.

Responsibility is the response and the ability these online tools provide to be an eye witness of the majesty of God though Jesus and His anointing as well as the cultural revolution this witness brings as you become the media of the fifth generation and beyond.

Carefully consider the mobile uploads to the left above, provided for mobile to PC devices, and for more in depth understanding you may take part in the Tablet to PC applications at the top. Feel free to subscribe at any time to gain access to timely mobile updates and new applications as they become available. This has been a digital briefing of a world wide revolution. Thanks for taking a moment to share.

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Love is the only Motivation that Wins. — Key to Relationship A Mind renewed is Powerful. — Firm Foundation No Voice is without Significance. — The Value of Influence