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Ghost Logic

The Knowledge that Multiplies after the Teacher Dies
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The History Lesson

There is more to the story than the digital lens can fully explain. We have tapped the surface of something that spans the millenniums of known and unknown data. Get free access to my testimony of 10,000% advantage in leadership, independent research unlocked on my laptop, and an entire 1 GB of my hard drive now revealed after 13 years of success. Many today settle for billions of years of theory while not detecting their inner voice and proven 100 Fold Character to unlock, nor understanding leading personality in the market place as a fruitful witness. Are you ready for more?

Today you get to unpack a testimony of how an average everyday guy suffered what is not average debt. Strangled by 77K in consumer debt by the age of 24 I cried out for uncommon wisdom in finance. Soon my plea for the unknown answers to a 100 Fold ROI was uncoded as I tapped in to ancient techniques even known by popular companies like Hershey's

While a chocolate bar was rare, I did enjoy moments of bliss as a .70 cent bar of chocolate spelled a mystery of life time partnership on break at work. While less than a dollar is often what we have in spare change, many pass a vending machine on the way to work not knowing that a small daily investment of a snack item spells a lifetime partnership of patient wealth. So I begin to tell more of the story to my first million as I encourage you to get a snack before you begin.

Can you imagine how much character $10K takes when receiving .70 cents a day? Yet the wisdom behind thousands of chocolate bars spells a story of a hundred fold ROI over a lifetime of good news and is the result of character. Now plunge back in history and clear the storm about rumors of war and consider my field notes of ancient Rome. Another 100 Fold moment in history where one world renowned empire went from the war path to the center of the arts. What was the ghostly secret?

The logic is undeniably repeated throughout the last 2000 years, from Rome into this present millennium. In a Ghost Drive of information I take you on a journey from mere student to actively engaging in a movement that will change history as you learn about the art of multiplication when becoming the sacrifice. Actually learning you will never die a final death but will multiply as a legend and continue as an evolving 100 Fold leader.

Ghost logic is the logic that works after the teacher dies. It works with anything from money to relationships of any ethnic background, and it is the logic for a lasting 100 Fold Business, as well as the independence to see this liberation span the globe. Hear my testimony. My mentor has died to an earthly influence and has left me to share the story. When I die, you can complete the mission; because you can get the same results with wisdom that never dies. Are you ready?

Ghost Logic is your past inheritance, the gift of the present, and the voice of the future.
Never Ending Leadership

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