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A firm identity means a steady home ablaze with light. I have lived a life of a vagabond, until I had enough weariness from all the running to face the problems of life with answers. Answers that spoke of a high 5 to a new way of life. Just what is the equation to purpose within your five fingers? Rule of thumb starts with identity of what you believe about yourself, the lifestyle you create, by the words you speak. Words are moving billions of neurons and billions of dollars. What are your words?

People knew me by my words. I didn't command 1 G of a 5G network, I had a hard time recognizing the favor of a five dollar bill when I put my thumb print on it. My words created a constant cycle of illness and defeat; because the virtue I had in me, was rarely my focus. Entangled in my own ruinous words, I dabbled on the edge of suicide as a con man; until the moment broke me enough to realize, it's life or death in what I believe. I found that I needed to invest my labor in reading about my identity; because the noon day was inside, yet I was living in the dark.

What you believe about the noonday is what you sleep with. Your life style is either comfort and rest, or a never ending toil of more responsibility. Most people hate responsibility because they have had too much of it too soon. A gentle development of true identity is often lost in the lust for the billions available to a trained mind. Without a trained identity, billions move right past you, and your lifestyle is hastening for just five dollars to the next destination on an empty tank. It's a lifestyle of mere survival and not thriving in rest.

You can either hate the words I share, or see a reflection of something peculiar. My vocabulary is not the same as it once was. I am no longer asking for a five, I am handing you five minutes of my time. If you care to answer a billion dollar question, you might ask, “Who are you?” If you know the answer you may command the next billion in educating others of this uniquely equal experience, unraveled inside the mind of someone greater than you've been. A firm identity is the constantly growing fire of more worth if you tap into to who really are. Today I offer a moonlighting experience of a growing noon day network of education; a 1G investment of a 5G network of next generation education. Listen to a new vocabulary today.

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