Five Fold Interactive

Learning to Release the INcrease

God is all about the five senses. He is clear that his presence is interactive and live in your home. In today's episode, you will hear God speak about increase, and see where promotion comes from, plus be invited to smell the savor of fresh things to eat as you experience his healing of your emotions.

When God speaks in the temple, his people hear his voice inside their hearts. This new temple speaks about a fatted calf that was slain for the prodigals to be clean and smell the feast that is on the table. Today God wants you to hear that you have not forsaken his inheritance in full; but that he has laid up a fatted calf for you to make merry with Him in His place of provision. Today you will see more than the headline news. More than corporate gambles and market crashes.

See for yourself that the story of the Lamb of God is indeed wisdom. When you see that Father God could restore a prodigal like myself, from being homeless and rejected of men, lying down behind a diner to die on the cold asphalt; yet to arise the next morning a new man with a new journey. Walking through the midst of police ready to arrest me on trumped-up, suspicious, drug charges; I grabbed my gear and not a man touched me as I felt the power God greater than the smelling salt they awakened me with. Today I smell more than smelling salt.

Mobilize IT

I clearly smell the fragrance of the fatted calf that was slain. He has literally become the meat on the evening table in the midst of crooked and perverse generation that will not repent. Today the drug lords that hustle billions in heroine into this nation are serving my table as Christ has become their lot. Being a scape goat means these people have one that became a goat, cursed as sin on a tree, that they would have ransom from prison. Yet for those willing to die without ransom; Christ has also become the wealth of the wicked laid up for the shepherds. Will you taste the milk of the field?

Repenting from your own dead works means you drink milk for free and eat the meat of the land as well as taste honey of the field that Christ purchased for you. Dying to your own works means that you learn to live as a Son in the House of which the Father leads captive the servants who will furnish the table and later become his Sons as well. You are chosen to exit the place of pressure in the market place and allow God to furnish the table with red hot proprietary wisdom.

Jesus your Wisdom

This network is a red hot ember of the altar of Christ's inheritance. In this network you will find members of His body that minister triumphant calls to go higher than you have known in the privilege of the life you possess, as the promotion of heaven brings increase in identity, that brings increase in decision making, that releases promotion through your hands. A five fold experience you don't want to miss with your life time access to this network. Thanks for making the click.