Debt Relief

Come away on a journey to reestablish connection with God and learn that your debts in life do not have to dictate how you live. Today you can find debt relief and financial freedom when you learn the vital lesson on where to place the payment.

The path of least resistance teaches us that we don't always have to bear the debts of our own and others; we can share in the vital connection of God in our hearts and learn how He wants us to use our resources to maximize financial favor and our financial health.

Today I take you on a journey of real life debt relief and debt cancellation in a live demonstration of the physical world lining up with the record in heaven. It is one thing to confess your sin and accept that your debts are paid; it's another to know how to apply debt relief through the wisdom of the Gospel.

Far too long has the world system told us we are in debt and a looming crash is coming. The vital truth is when people expect to pay a ransom for their indebted lifestyle, you can be far from experiencing the pain and loss of debt. Tune into today's message and be inspired.

Gigitize the Gospel