Trickling Tears of Washington

Why is the national monument of Washington trickling tears that test the granite resolve of this nation? Is there something he knows that we don't or can we? What do we find in history, and what do we find on current digital trends, as digital pens of heaven are revealing something of great magnitude? If we ignore the tremors we ignore the coming quake.

Join an anonymous voice who takes a pen in the night to invites you to do your part in preparing for a final move in history to save America. Silence in 2016 was an American vote we cannot erase as the U.N. Council marked our betrayal to Israel in 2017 to be a complete nation. If we continue to stay silent in our prayer closet, we invite the pain we ignored was coming. Take your part to be informed or at least ask yourself, why is Washington crying prayerful tears for his nation to be saved.

**Refresh the page and watch both reports as they are part one which is the warning, and part two is the comfort of timing.**

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