New Senses for a New Year

2018 in a Glipse

With everything sense is where you gather evidence of something new. Being intelligently created we are designed to sense when something is being revealed. We first hear something beckon our attention and we look and see. If we perceive the intent we talk about it. We may even smell the fresh new surroundings and taste and see the new land.

This is the process of revelation. There are five inner senses of the Spirit that connect with the outer senses. A complete law of man. This new year, God is awakening people by communicating evidence that He is Good to you, contrary to the bad things you have sensed about him.

Mobilize IT

Let your senses test and see this new year what is truly a blessing and what is not worth the time of repeating this new year. The evidence is overwhelmingly positive that our God is not dead, but has evidence for all to test and see, that He is good. Enjoy this website and be sure to share with a friend.

Greatest of These

Everything has a beginning and an end. Seasons come to a close. Fruit is gathered. Dead leaves blow away. There is always a need to rekindle momentum and find motivation. Today we discuss how this new season can come alive in the five senses, as you capture the purpose for your life in terms of learning, applying new keys of wisdom to your life, advocating learning with others.