Media Rebirth

Passion is birthed the moment ego burns like fat on the altar of your last reputation!
~ Communication 101

Personally I find it wise to boast in my weaknesses. My early life lacked definition to the point I became homeless in the town I went to college in. Now I know homelessness does not define me, like it did not define Steve Jobs the inventor of Apple Computers; but it did beckon me to require a gift that was more than the money I lacked.

My plea in a world full of answers and my pursuit in the hidden knowledge most don't consider I found both a higher realm to typical business, and an art of adoration that won my first million.

Now today I muse over the ever changing world of communication and harness the advent of a mobile world to distribute my products and services to a smart phone in your private home or hushed office.

The wisdom I have gained is ancient and gives me both definition and the power to be free from the pursuit of money to give the art of communication freely like it started.

The result is tens of thousands are reached with simple to understand techniques to enhance their daily family life, business culture, and pioneering days of a mobile generation; while at the same time receiving no barrier of cost to entry to my classrooms or communication products and services.

By signing up today, you are not obligated to pay or will ever be prompted to give; but in the simplicity of exchange, if you want to share a gift of appreciation, I find that daily my life is rich and valued by those who reciprocate, and your gift need not go unnoticed.

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