Adore Network Outreach

What does community outreach look like in Northern Colorado and the rest of the globe? Love Impact is a combination of many people working together to reach Northern Colorado with Impact Love relationship with Adore Network. This is the adoration of no other man than Jesus Christ.

This means as Christian Businesses unite with local Community Churches we together form an outreach network, combined with social media outreach using online radio shows and magazines that share articles, impacting tips, and stunning artwork, that are seeds of the redemptive arts reaching the unchurched.

See more about the whole picture of the redemptive arts of media combined with person to person evangelism or read on about how media arts commissioned by the early church won me to Christ back in 1999.

Redeemed By Media Arts

Walking down the ally just outside the campus of CSU, I was contemplating moving to San Francisco to live out a gay life style and go deeper into the club scene. My contacts in San Fran involved people who were into heroin. My friends in town were pushing a gay life style on me. Beyond my control my brother had just died, and my father had abandoned me and moved to South America; I was now all alone and without much support for my failing college education. I was just a step away from homelessness.

With disaster on the heels I was also seeking who Jesus was. In a dual mindset that was more unstable than sure; I watched slide after slide of Jesus crucified by evangelistic painters like Michael Angelo and Leonardo Da Vinci while secretly entering into class high on methamphetamine. By the outer appearance you would never know that seeds of salvation were being cultivated deep in my heart. I appeared lost and out of control; yet Jesus was painting a dream scape.

Make a safe investment into God's Dream Scape at any time by hitting the partnertools key at the top. Win the unstable to Christ using the media!

The Harvest