Adore Network

We are Being Watched

It is evident, the trends are fading on the internet as countless people wander in search for the things that once satisfied; the buz of the net is dying except in one place, the witness of Love Impact in Northern Colorado and across the Globe. Reaching one person online, with the witness of Jesus' love is a success! Our witness counts! We are being watched! The media arts is vital. The anchor of hope of our calling in Christ is driving out discouragement in troubled teens, growing adults, and people of all ages, as they flock to God's Dream Scape with boredom and a need to find a greater high in a network of hope. What are they looking for? Adore Network gives answers.

Give a Gift that Impacts

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The Greatest High

Christ is the Love Impact that you and I share that is a fix they need between leaving behind one reality of drugs and alcohol and taking up a cross to a new reality that is found in the grip of Christ's gaze. What is the gaze of Christ? Can you fathom the lens of a satellite? How about owning them all. God's Dream Scape! By using them we paint a picture with each crafted media engagement! It's time to inherit the Earth!

God is behind the most useful tools today and He has an agenda in Northern Colorado and for the rest of the Globe. While tens of thousands online can be reached in single week with Face Book, the remnant are found by talented artists and stunning displays of Jesus in podcasts and videos. With at least a handful of sermons and prophetic words; tens of thousands have been reached with modern tools of evangelism. They are listening!

While many want to be prophets and evangelists we are asked one thing; can you be faithful with your investment. Today the wisest investment is the witness of our testimony and investment in the Gospel in creating God's Dream Scape. We have a testimony to share! Share the testimony of Jesus Christ with your Giving Today!

Your Call - Media Producers Contributors and Distributors

Produce your witness so it can be heard. Prepare a MP3 of your testimony for someone lost today. If you need help with the equipment, you can find "Audacity" to be the greatest MP3 recorder for free. Get a mic and record your testimony. When you record one, you find there is more treasure there than you have known. Witness about the love of Christ to give your hope of having a family, teach someone how to pray, record the wisdom behind your understanding of blessings.

Contribute to one of the local events. We frequently host virtual tent meetings filled with the presence of God in recorded testimony, articles from people like you can contribute to the lost, to the broken, to those unwilling to go to a building for fellowship. Give life breathing perspectives to a resource manager here at Adore and schedule an event where multiple uses of your personal testimonies will bring witness to thousands to come.

Distribute your media to one person and you have defined the success of your witness. You have let an old wound minister life after death to bring faith and healing to someone late at night searching for a legit reason to keep living. You give hope. Your life means something to someone in need! Make the commitment!

Todays Action Step - The Love of Jesus Knows no Limits

You are the media, and the people are listening. Enter the call to witness the love of Jesus Christ on the network and reach troubled teens, searching adults, and every generation with your witness. You can change the life of one person while using the tools that Christ has given you as your IT Inheritance. Make a pledge today for free IT Inheritance resources.